X Compression Calf Sleeves


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The X Compression Calf Sleeves provide compression support to the calves to help reduce muscle oscillation, while the graduated fit promotes circulation for an improved warm-up and recovery.

Constructed using a compression gradient, the 2XU X Calf Sleeves provide support to the shins and calves to improve performance and reduce fatigue. The compression gradient works to enhance performance and speed up recovery times by increasing muscle oxygenation and reducing blood lactate. The increase in muscle oxygenation has a positive impact on the body by reducing fatigue and damage whilst increasing agility and recovery times. The reduction in muscle vibration ensures an increase in agility and correct muscle alignment to improve your overall performance. As well as this, a graduated fit helps to promote efficient exercises and aid faster recovery times for comfortable and extended wear. Zoned ventilation panels adorn the sleeves to increase airflow ensuring you remain cool, dry and comfortable at all times. Moisture is also wicked away from the skin for quick evaporation to keep the surface of the skin cool and dry and you power through any exercise. Lastly, a seamless construction reduces the risks of chafing and irritation ensuring greater comfort.