ReStringing & Services

We offer a fast and efficient stringing service in store, using the industry leading Wilson Baiardo stringing machine. We stock a variety of the most popular strings including RPM Blast and Luxilon Alu Power.
We restring Tennis, Badminton and Squash rackets. Rackets are restrung in 24-48 hours and there is also a rush service available. 
All prices are including both string and labour.

Tennis Rackets - Prices Range from £20-£50
Badminton Rackets - £20
Squash/Racquetball Rackets - £20
Rush service = £10 on top of normal cost
Polyester (all gauges 1.25/17 unless otherwise stated)
Control, spin, and durability
 String Brand Colour(s) Cost
Alu Power Luxilon Silver OR Ocean Blue 30
Alu Power RG (1.28) Luxilon Bronze 30 
Eco Power Luxilon Dark Green 30
4G Rough Luxilon Gold 30
4G  Luxilon Desert Bronze 30
Element (1.3) Luxilon Forest Green 30
Element IR Soft (1.27) Luxilon Red 27.50 
RPM Blast (available in 1.25 or 1.30) Babolat Black 27.50
Lyon RS Silver 25
RPM Rough Babolat Black 25
Cyclone Volkl Black 25
Lynx Head Red OR Blue 25
RPM Power (1.30/16) Babolat Electric Blue 25
Revolve Spin Wilson Light Green 22.50
Revolve Wilson Orange 22.50
Black Zone Tourna Black 22.50
Big Hitter Black 7 Tourna Black 22.50
Blue + Red Deuce Tourna Blue + Red 20
Multifilament/Synthetic Gut - (all gauges 1.25/17 unless otherwise stated)
Power, feel, and comfort
 String Brand Colour Cost
NXT Wilson Natural (Clear) 30
Xcel (1.30/16) Babolat Natural OR Blue 30
New York 1.30/16) RS Natural 27.50
Sensation Plus (1.30/16) Wilson Black OR Red 25
Sensation Wilson Natural 22.50
RPM Soft  Babolat Bronze OR Silver 22.50
Syn Gut Babolat White OR Pink OR Natural OR Black 20
Quazi Gut Tourna Blue 20
Natural Gut
 String Brand Colour Cost
VS Touch Babolat Natural 50
BG65 Titanium:Yonex:White:£20
Perfect Power:Head:Natural OR Black:£20
Megablast:Head:White OR Black: £20
Other strings are available on request. If you have your own string we charge £15 to restring.