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Racket Re-String

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Please call us and we can talk you through your needs and style of play to recommend a tennis string that you would work for you and your racket. 

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We have different levels of stringing:

Basic @£20 - an entry level tennis string- Revolve, Revolve Spin, RS Paris, Babolat Syn Gut, Sensation Plus, Sensation

Intermediate @£22.50 - RPM Blast, RS New York, RS Lyon

Elite @£25 - an elite level tennis string- Alu Power, 4G, NXT, RPM Blast Rough

Natural Gut @£40- VS Touch

String Upgrade @£10 - this is only available for people who are buying a new racket from us unstrung. 

Own String @£15 - this if for people who would like us to use their own string.

Racketball @£20 - string used specifically for racquetball rackets.

Badminton @£20 - string used specifically for badminton rackets. 

Squash @£20 - string used specifically for squash rackets.