Pure Aero Rafa (Unstrung)

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The Winning Margin

If, like Rafa, you are determined to fight for every point, this second-generation Pure Aero Rafa tennis racquet is made for you. More radiant and dynamic, this racquet was designed with Rafa, for Rafa. A few grams lighter (290 g), with a more head-heavy balance and a more open string pattern than the Pure Aero, we created this racquet to give you more distance and weight behind the ball, pushing your opponent back and wearing them down in every rally.



Team BABOLAT pro players may play with a customized or different model than the equipment depicted.

Balance (unstrung)3mm
Balance HL HH (unstrung)4 pts HL
Tolerance Balance+/- 7mm
Swing weigth297
Stiffness (RA)73