Karakal Core Shadow 165 Racketball SQ57 Racket


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The CORE Shadow 165 is further enhanced with the NEXGEN fast fibre construction layup process. This delivers an additional 15% Faster return to shape than conventional layups which takes control, accuracy and power of play to the next level.

The flattened tapered throat area gives the racket excellent lateral stability and helps to reduce torque. We have adjusted the specifications on this legal length racket made the handle the same length as our squash rackets and developed a compact head shape, the result of these adjustments mean the playability of this racket is very similar to a squash racket which makes the transition between the sports much easier.

The Core bridge has the effect of creating longer strings and larger sweet spot, with a modification to our existing Core bridge we have widened fan string pattern shifting the sweet spot further up the head and also increasing the size, this also gives the string greater coverage inside the frame.

  • 165gram frame weight
  • Core Bridge
  • Nexgen Fast fibre Construction
  • 310mm Balance
  • 16/17 string pattern
  • Recommended tension 27/31lbs