Gray-Nicolls Velocity 3.0 Rubber

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Gray-Nicolls Velocity 3.0 Batting Spikes

Stay light on your feet wearing Gray-Nicolls Velocity 3.0 Batting Spikes in White, featuring a minimalist construction designed for fast footwork.
In cricket, getting in position quickly and efficiently can make all the difference. A successful catch or a depressing drop, a perfect drive or an ill-judged edge – your footwork is often the deciding factor. Designed to be as lightweight as possible, the Velocity 3.0 features an ultra-light upper so you can follow your instincts and move fast, while the Impulse midsole cushioning provides energy return to propel you into action. The batting version of the shoe boasts a lightweight TPU outsole for stability and comfort, and the upper has a protective coating to guard against wear and tear.
Designed for agile footwork and comfort over long periods, cricket shoes made for batting tend to feature lightweight, breathable materials that allow you to move freely and stay fresh during extended spells at the crease. Underneath, they have tread or spikes arranged for optimal grip, so you can step into position precisely and with confidence. They’re usually the best option for non-bowling fielders, too, with those same attributes translating particularly well to slip catching and wicketkeeping.