Gray-Nicolls Pop Up Net


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Fielding practice can be frustrating. You want to practice throwing direct hits, but the ball continues to fly away to the boundary, and you end up running out of balls. To allow you to practice your run outs until you are happy, we've created the Pop-Up Stop Net that will sit behind the target stump and collect your throws.

The Pop-Up Stop Net comes in an easy to carry case, making it easily transferable from one ground to the next. It's amazingly easy to put together – unfold, and the Stop Net will pop up into place.

It's not just fielders that can benefit – if you are a bowler practising on your own on the square, you'll be able to bowl all afternoon without having to chase the ball.

To make your training sessions more effective, get a Pop-Up Net Stop from Gray-Nicolls. Save time and effort, and focus on your cricket.


  • Ideal for fielding and bowling drills to limit ball collection time
  • Comes complete with carry case for easy transportation
  • Self-assembling, saving time for training