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Power. The key ingredient to today’s evolving game. Welcome to the Gray-Nicolls Shockwave Power cricket bat, an entry level bat designed to give batsmen the ability to perform as if playing an international T20 game.

Featuring a new coloured blade and aggressive sticker designs, the Shockwave cricket bat is the bat 2019 needed – vibrant, confident, and unapologetically in your face. The Shockwave Power bat is the perfect bat for a junior player looking to make a statement at the crease.

With a high middle and pronounced swell, the Shockwave Power will give you a fantastic level of performance for less than £100. Low price doesn’t mean low performance, however. The Shockwave Power cricket bat will help you find the boundary with a regularity that you might not be used to!

The Shockwave Power comes fully loaded with a powerful middle, but also with edges that are sure to intimidate the opposition bowlers. It will be raining sixes wherever you hit it on the Shockwave – make sure the spectators are watching closely.

The fractured stickers conjure the sense of dynamism that has been brought to the game with the new T20 franchise competitions. They work to exaggerate the pronounced sweetspot, while the jagged graphics add to the intimidating feel. To complete the look of the modern day T20 star, the blade has been finished with a metallic effect jet black paint.

The likes of Alex Hales and Joe Clarke have had a huge insight into the design of the bat, ensuring it’s trusted at the top and bottom of the game.

However, it is perfectly suited to junior and friendly cricket with the promise of Gray-Nicolls quality.