Pad ShockWave 300

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With more and more youngsters being introduced to cricket through T20, Gray-Nicolls knew we had to design a junior pad that would stand up to the rigours of the modern game. Lightweight. Protective. Eye-catching. With the Shockwave Power leg guards, you have it all.

With a name like Shockwave, our design team had to come up with a look that lived up to the batting pad's billing. They've done that and then some. The bold, cold blue colouring is bright, vibrant and eye-catching, and coupled with the angled, fractured pattern, creates feelings of disruption and carnage – the Shockwave family's modus operandi.

For batting pads, however, it is crucial that protection and comfort be on point. For the Shockwave, there are no concerns in this area. Firstly, high density and cane rod protection at the front of the pad give fantastic protection, with no compromise on the weight of the product.

The Shockwave 300 features a fantastic ¾ length diffuser foam wing, a brilliant addition that offers excellent protection in an area at the side of the leg that can often be left exposed.